Pre-Trip Checklist

  • Photo ID is mandatory to obtain a fishing license.  We cannot take you out on a trip without a fishing license! Obtain your fishing license ahead of time. Simply call 1-800-244-5613 or visit   Save your Temporary Authorization Number (TAN) in your phone or simply write it down and keep it on your person while fishing.
  • All fishing licenses require your valid state-issued federal ID and your social security number, every angler 16 years or older are required to obtain a license to fish in Colorado. Non US residents must provide their passport and I-9 Visa.
  • If you are wade fishing, warm socks and layers from the waist down are important!
  • 7 Must Haves: Valid Federal Photo ID for US residents (or a passport and I9 Visa for non-residents), social security #, rain jacket (the fish are already wet and we go rain or shine), hat, polarized sunglasses, warm socks and sunscreen.
  • Your guide will call you the night prior to your fishing trip, if you are unreachable, please come to the Fly Shop at the time we set up with you when you made your reservation.
  • If you are on a half day outing, bring a snack if you need. We provide beverages on all trips and a meal on a full day outing.
  • Last but not least, bring a smile! We love what we do, be prepared to have a fun day on the water with our talented guide staff.
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