Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Do I have to be experienced?
No! Absolutely no experience or equipment is necessary. With no bad habits to break, we love taking beginners and introducing new comers to flyfishing. 

Are children welcome?
Yes! We love guiding kids. Depending on maturity of the child, we take children as young as six. We frequently take youngsters of seven and older. 

Do you have gear for kids?
We carry waders and boots for juniors and have sizes that accommodate most kids. 

Are reservations necessary?
Yes. Depending on the time of year, it may be difficult to get the reservation you wish. During our busiest months (June through September) advanced reservations are highly recommended. The more notice you can give ensures the chances of requesting a particular guide and date. Holidays, especially around Christmas and New Year’s can often fill in advance. As soon as you have your travel plans established, check with us about the need for reservations. We will always do our best to accommodate last minute requests. 

Do we need to reserve equipment or show up early to be outfitted?
No. Whether you would like to rent equipment or are signed up for a guided trip, no advanced reservations are needed. 

Who will be my guide?
All of our guides are patient professionals and anyone of them will show you a great day fishing! Unless you specifically request a guide at the time you make a reservation, your guide may not be assigned until the night before. 

Where will we fish?
Our guides are on the water every day and are in tune with where to fish and when. Your guide is interested in showing you the best possible day of fishing they can. We have have many options but principally guide on the: San Miguel, Dolores, Uncompahgre, West Fork of the Dolores, Barlow creek, Fish Creek, Roaring Fork, Bear Creek, Big Bear Creek, Coal Creek and many high country lakes and streams. Let your guide know if you have a specific interest in fishing a particular piece of water. He or she may advise differently because they know of an area(s) that are fishing better during your visit. Rest assured your guide has it in your best interest to assist you in catching fish! 

Can we keep fish?
The fish are our little employees and without them we would not be able to take you out to catch them! Thus it is the policy of all local outfitters and guides to practice catch and release. 

How many anglers can a guide accommodate?
For the best experience, we suggest one to two anglers per guide. Thus, if you have three persons we strongly suggest having two guides, especially on half day trips. We can accommodate three persons on a half day or full day wade, but we feel that the quality of the overall experience suffers. This is because it is exceptionally difficult for your guide to provide a significant amount of individual attention to three anglers while on the water. We offer three person trips as there are times when three highly experienced anglers may not require as much attention as they need local info on hot spots and local techniques. With beginners and more novice anglers, the more individual attention you receive from your guide, the more productive and enjoyable your day will be! Float trips are limited to two anglers per boat. If you have three in your party and wish to float then you will require two boats. 

Are Gratuities Customary?
Gratuities are customary and appreciated. We consider guiding a service industry and tipping would be similar to dining out. Although 15% to 20% is average, any amount is always appreciated. 

Can I bring food and beverages?
Please know lunch and beverages are provided on full day trips. Special dietary requirements can easily be accommodated. Beverages are provided on ½ day guided trips. You can bring whatever food and beverages you wish on a guided trip. 

Do I need a Fishing License?
Yes and we issue them at our shop, but please know a social security number is legally required to procure a fishing license. Any participant 16 years or holder requires a fishing license and MUST KNOW THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.  To save time you may also purchase your license ahead of time here:    

What do I need to pack?
We encourage you to dress appropriately for the seasonal weather. Always pack a rain jacket, hat, warm socks, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen and your fishing license.

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