Telluride Stone Flies!!!!!!

Posted on 27 June 2018

Ethics, Ethics Ethics, here in Telluride it is HOT, with unusually high temperatures and a below normal snow pack, our rivers are not as high and mighty as they have been in previous years.  The water level is low and warms up in the afternoon. Warm water makes it very difficult for a fish to recover from the fight.  As of now San Miguel Anglers is voluntarily only taking morning trips.  Our hope is this gives the fish a chance to rest through the warmer afternoons.  We welcome everyone to still go fishing, we just kindly ask that you do it in the A.M. - this small choice may save a trouts life.

Now on to what you should be doing with your morning trips!!!  Usually we don't get to talk about stone flies here because generally we have such high water, but not this year!  Take all the stone flies, every one!!!  20 inchers, Prince nymphs, Stimmies, Madam X, sooooo many bugs.  I wore my buff today so i wouldn't eat any. When Stones are coming off I will usually fish a stimmie with a dropper, but the dropper has to be light enough no to sink your stimmie.

Wade safe,




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