Flyfishing the Telluride Spring!!!

Posted on 01 May 2018

Finally May has hit Telluride, the grass is getting green, the birds are chirping, and most importantly - the fish are hungry. 

The last few weeks we have had an amazing micro stone fly hatch, easily matched by a black RS2 in size 18 with the tail cut off; add a little floatant to keep your bug in the film and let your dog give a brown a kiss before the release.

Lastly EGGS, EGGS, EGGS - probably one of the best flies in your box that rarely gets wet.  Move your indicator further away from your fly as an egg drift is delicate. With all fishing, ethics are involved, but this is especially true with egg fishing.  Please don't fish to actively spawing fish, they are low on energy and probably wont survive the fight. 

I look forward to a safe season full of bent fly rods and big smiles.

Tight lines!


Want to spend a day on the river with San Miguel Anglers?  We'd love to share the thrill of exploring the trout streams of Telluride with you.  Please book with us at, call us at (970)728-4477 or drop by our Telluride Sports Main Street location for flies, Orvis fishing gear, and a nudge in the right direction.  See you soon!

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