Colder weather, and snow!!!

Posted on 19 May 2017

Its that time of the year in Telluride were some people have to make the decision between skis or fly rods, but don't worry here at SMA we have our priorities in order!  With over a foot of the white stuff hitting the ground last night, southern Colorado is going to have a great fishing season.  Colder temperatures have slowed run off, the water is still big, but clearing up.  Hucking heavy streamers size 10 and bigger into eddies has got the attention of more than a few trout. Olive and black have been the popular colors.  The still water trout have woken up, and are hungry.  Articulated streamers of all colors, prince nymphs, copper johns and guides choice hairs ear have been putting a smile on anglers faces no matter what the weather is like.

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